What to Consider When Having a Wedding Abroad

marriage weddingAs couples steer away from tradition and prices for weddings in the UK get more and more expensive, many couples are considering weddings abroad as an alternative, a way to save costs and have a unique and personal day.

Weddings abroad tend to cheaper because guest list is significantly reduced. An average wedding in the UK has approximately 80 – 120 guests, whilst destination weddings normally have less than 20.

This means that although flights are often expensive the actual costs of the day with regard to the food, drink and venue hire are much less. In addition couples often combine the wedding and honeymoon so that additional costs can be saved.

If you are thinking about having a wedding abroad however there are a number of things that you need to consider.

Have all the correct documentation: Having a destination wedding is relatively straightforward, but you do need to be organized with your paper work and documentation. Requirements differ from country to country. In the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Grenada for instance an Affidavit co-signed by a solicitor is required to ensure that the information given is true. A Certificate of No Impediment and Decrees Absolute is also required in some countries.

Your age: The minimum age for marriage in many countries is 18 but in some such as Bali, Grenada, the South Pacific and some American states the age is 21.

The weather: Just because you’re going overseas doesn’t mean that it will be dry and sunny. For instance summer in the Caribbean is also hurricane season, in West Africa the rainy season is June to September where as summer in South America is generally between December and March so you need to plan in advance to make sure that you have the picture perfect day that you’ve always dreamed of.

What the traditional wedding consists of: When you have a wedding abroad you will often be offered a wedding coordinator who will be able to advise you on key aspects of the day. However it’s worth doing some research to see what are the local customs and traditions of weddings in the country. A traditional wedding cake in Barbados for instance is not the same as one in the UK.

Will you miss some special people: Although weddings abroad are a great way to be able to have a small and intimate wedding you might regret it if elderly relatives or close friends cant make your special day.

The wedding party attire: When you choose your wedding dress make sure you consider the climate that you’re in, you don’t want to be uncomfortable in layers of tulle and traditional styles that are fashionable at home might look out of place on a beach.

Most of all do you research and have fun. Weddings abroad will always be memorable but with a bit of forward planning you’ll be able to make sure it’s for all the right reasons.