How to Keep Your Guest List Under Control?

bible wedding ringsYour wedding is soon approaching and you are wondering who you should invite, who you must invite and who you may invite.

The food and drinks bill usually accounts for most of your budget but if you want to cut down on your costs, the most effective way is to cut down on your guest list. But how to decide on who to invite and who not to invite? It is not as hard as it seems, if you follow these simple steps:

1.Decide on your budget for the food and drinks bill and work out the number of people you will need to invite to meet this budget.

2. Agree with your fiancé, on the number of guests on your side and on his side.

3. Draw up your list and then allocate a specific number of people to each set of parents (this way you are letting them make the hard decisions about which aunt to invite or which uncle not to invite).

4.You can decide not to invite any children and inform your guests about your “no children” policy.

5.You can decide to invite single guests on their own, especially if they are not in a serious relationship.

6.Think of inviting relatives who you have a close relationship with, rather than everyone that is related to you.

7.You can cross off, people who will not be offended if they are not invited to your wedding.

8.Invite only people who are important to you and your parents rather than everyone you know.

9. You do not need to invite anyone you have not been in touch with in the last 5 years, especially if you are not very close to them

10. You do not need to invite someone just because they have invited you to their wedding, depending on the closeness of your relationship, you may decide that you do not need to invite them.

These are guidelines that can help you decide on who to invite and who not to invite, however, you need to keep in mind that you will need to apply your own judgement and liaise with parents and fiance and ensure that your close family is happy with the selection.

Managing your guests is covered in detail in section 4.6.4 of my book “Saving Tips for a Fantastic Wedding”. The guest manager spreadsheet, will help you manage guest attendance.