Art Deco Jewelry

art deco jewelry

Some of the daring and dramatic eras of trend was the interval of art deco. Beginning within the Nineteen Twenties and spanning to the Nineteen Thirties, the fashion of silver jewelry was an enormous departure from the previous school of art: art nouveau.

The place art nouveau jewelry was centered on natural curvy strains and flowers and bugs, art decorated jewelry focused on geometric shapes and were extra intricate, as a result of advances in manufacturing technology. The folks of the 1920’s needed art that expressed one thing new, one thing that fulfilled society’s want for a new type of novelty in jewelry form.

The types of design found in art adorned jewelry have been a breath of recent air to the public. For a time, the people had been obsessed with Egyptology, resulting from King Tutankhamun’s tomb being found by Dr. Howard Carter, a British archeologist, in 1922.

So nice was the public’s newfound fascination with Egypt, that there was a high demand for reproductions of King Tut’s artifacts to be reproduced into jewelry pieces. Just a few examples of those would be amulets, scarabs, face masks of King Tutankhamum, snakes, together with varied different unique objects found inside his tomb.

However Egypt wasn’t the only nation to be used for inspiration for art deco costume jewelry. Through the Twenties and Nineteen Thirties, airplane travel helped bridge the continents and inspired more communication throughout the world, particularly Persia and India. Greater exposure to those countries wasn’t misplaced on art deco jewelry.

Hindu motifs had been gaining popularity and sought out, as have been the precious stones found within the area, such as: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and pearls. As the maharajahs traveled to European cities, their type of knickknack was unfold alongside the continent with them, and served to inspire art adorned jewelry in many ways.

One of the technological advances that helped art deco jewelry come into kind was bakelite, a plastic material. Mostly utilized in small home equipment and telephones, bakelite was quickly discovered to be a reasonable way to manufacture jewelry.

Bakelite could be colored and molded into small elements that was excellent for rings and bracelets. As an alternative of using pricy gem stones, a bit of bakelite could be molded and colored into just about any shape and hue. The preferred coloration were shades of amber, however purple, inexperienced, white and black have been also widespread colors present in bakelite jewelry from the art deco jewelry period.

One of the vital sought-out art deco jewelry pieces are the engagement rings made during this period. Collectors have a hard time discovering them, however the rings are effectively worth the time required to find them. Popular metals in use have been white gold and platinum.

These metals had been contrasted with crystals and diamonds, each common in art deco jewelry, together with the inclusion of sapphires, emeralds, coral, turquoise and rubies. These rings made heavy use of symmetry, and had been often found to have strong geometric shapes, as well. For newly engaged couples, art deco rings are the most popular antique rings.